Street Art Update

disappearing Rone

Another update, some of those pictures had been taken two weeks ago. I’ve got more recent ones, which I will post them soon. Sorry for not being here often enough as I would wish to, just not enough time during a day. That’s why my recent street art walks are happening at night. Finally a week off and time to catch up and have a bit of rest from the stressful weeks.




Urban Exploring

Finally I had a chance to see the abandoned building in Bromley by Bow. It’s not really really abandoned as someone squats there, however it’s definitely not safe due to plenty of rubbish, holes and every floor looks like it’s about to collapse. The street art pieces there are amazing and it will be a big sadness when the building will be destroyed completely!




Thierry Noir

The latest exhibition in Howard Griffin Gallery, which is now only for few more days is Retrospective by Thierry Noir. He is well known for being the first to paint the Berlin Wall and creating brightly coloured artwork, which was forbidden at that time. Thierry Noir work brings smile and actually this is his first solo exhibition. Very often he also wears a bright yellow coat himself.

Next time.. Pablo Delgado!



Howard Griffin Gallery in East London hosts great street art exhibitions. In February and March it was Phlegm’s amazing installation, The Bestiary. Phlegm’s style is very unique, when creating the half real and half imagined animals and beasts. I wonder what happened to all those 3D pieces made of wood, clay and plaster. It was fantastic and I visited few times myself. It was great to see some other street artist hidden in Phlegm’s work.

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