Halloween at London Canal Museum

There are always plenty of family friendly Halloween events to choose from in London. This year we went to London Canal Museum on a Halloween Boat Trip at Kings Cross. It’s a tiny museum, but definitely worth a visit.
The event happened on Sunday, which is not exactly on Halloween, but the Halloween spookines was in the air. In the museum there was face painting and some Halloween stories, but the most scary part was the boat trip through the Islington tunnel.
There were plenty of Halloween decorations such as ghosts and skeletons or bloody parts of bodies hanging from the ceiling. Our ride started great with a scary Witch wanted to eat every child on a board, however later they just let us sit at the front.
It’s a shame that no one continued with the Halloween stories as the atmosphere could be even better, but definitely I would recommend a night boat trip through this long tunnel.




London Canal Museum and …

What a busy day. I was only planning to visit a small London Canal Museum, near King’s Cross station, however this small trip went on and on.
London Canal Museum is a lovely place, which is a bit hidden and forgotten when comparing to big, full of tourists London’s museums. It has its own atmosphere and you can find there people who are dedicated to this place. You can learn there about history of Regent’s Canal, about horses that pulled the narrowboats, about ice cream trade and much more.
The London Canal Museum website is very informative and there are plenty events like canal walks, narrowboat trips, fun with ice so check it for details before the visit.
I was well surprised and…

I went on the free lunch-time guided Canal Walk. Pre-booking is recommended, however friendly tour guide didn’t turn away people without booking.
The sun was up and the walk was amazing and very interesting.

The guided tour also tells you about development changes in Kings Cross area.
You can climb up the platform view and see it yourself!

After a great walk I decided to visit the Camley Street Natural Park, which is just two minutes from King’s Cross station. As similar to the London Canal Museum it is a bit hidden and a secret place, but a green nature in the heart of London. It is a two acre nature reserve with big pond, plenty of herbs, trees, minibeasts, birds and a place to relax without traffic, trains or building side nearby.

Five minutes from the Camley Street Natural Park another hidden place St Pancras Garden.
It is a restored park with old church and gravestones. There is also a bench dedicated to The Beatles as they were photographed there for their single Hey Jude and The White Album.

On the end – walk through the canal towards Camden to have some well deserved meal.
This time Polish sausage and cabbage and wild mushrooms ‘pierogi’ (they called them Pierogies) and also a lovely coffee at Ruby Dock served by very focused barista. Yummy!


Regent’s Canal


I love living by the canal, because as soon as sun comes out it’s a perfect place for a walk, bike or just sit down on plenty of green open spaces and feel the sun for example on the grass by the Palm Tree pub. In the summer there are variety of events and music around.

You can easily go from Limehouse to Mile End, Victoria Park, Broadway Market, Angel and Camden… and many more places and spot some animals such as swans, herons, coots and even tortoises or a polar bear! Really a good way to commute for cyclists.

Regent’s Canal has been in use for nearly 200 years and these days canal is used as tourist attraction, place to live or kayaking. If you live in London you have to try the narrowboat or kayaking, which to my surprise it’s not very expensive.
For children there is an option to have a birthday party on the narrowboat and blow the candles under the dark tunnel. Cool experience.

London has the Canal Museum near King’s Cross station. Worth to visit to learn about canal’s history and have some ice-cream. More details: London Canal Museum

It is great and affordable to join one of the organised walks by the canal. Informative, calming, restorative, re-creational (yes, the hyphen is intentional), good for the blood pressure – and the soul! More details: London Walks