Street Art night walk


Another night and another walk… and I have to say walking in London at 5 am it’s amazing.


Street Art Update

disappearing Rone

Another update, some of those pictures had been taken two weeks ago. I’ve got more recent ones, which I will post them soon. Sorry for not being here often enough as I would wish to, just not enough time during a day. That’s why my recent street art walks are happening at night. Finally a week off and time to catch up and have a bit of rest from the stressful weeks.




London Wall

What an amazing project organised by Street Art London and Museum of London. Thierry Noir, Run and John Dolan painted the London Wall.
John Dolan drew London landscape leaving families opportunity to add their own creations to London streets.
Kacper loved adding some Minecraft figures on the London buses and Tower Bridge. Can you spot a purple crazy girl with an Iphone on Tower of London? that’s me 🙂
It was great to see the artists placing their finishes touches on their works.


Urban Exploring

Finally I had a chance to see the abandoned building in Bromley by Bow. It’s not really really abandoned as someone squats there, however it’s definitely not safe due to plenty of rubbish, holes and every floor looks like it’s about to collapse. The street art pieces there are amazing and it will be a big sadness when the building will be destroyed completely!