February Half Term – Saturday

Last Saturday I went on the Hype walk! Hype is a great app, which tells you what is going on right now in Shoreditch. I love the reminders on my phone as recently Hype is adding some live Street Art, what is a great if I’m at work I can always check it out later when I’m finished. Hype is all about local events from art to music, food, parties and many more. Hype tour was organised to show people local art and tea/coffee places and to meet up some new people on the tour. So if you don’t have anyone to go on this tour, don’t worry it’s a great place to talk to people. It is a 4 hour tour!!! Definitely worth the money and I recommend to anyone! So check it out for yourself: Hype App Hype!

Our lovely tour guides!

Milk Tea and Pearl  Our first stop was in Box Park to try some bubble tea. It is a Taiwanese tea with choice of natural flavours. Toppings are great as you can actually eat them and they taste great, such as Tapioca, Lychee Jelly or Strawberry Pobbles. My tea was cold, great refreshment! More info: Milk Tea and Pearl

Tom Lewis Tom Lewis displays his artwork in one of the units in Box Park. In his work you can find strong elements of Manga. Fantastic display of paintings, prints, posters and sculptures. More info: Tom Lewis

Phlegm in the Howard Griffin Gallery – more details soon brickmum Maiden If you are looking for an original gift for someone, that’s a place to stop. I couldn’t resist and bought some light switch stickers, do I need them? No, but they are so fun. More info: Maiden Shop

Jones Family At this stop we learned about coffee, what’s a difference between robusta vs arabica. I drink coffee every day and actually it was quite interesting to learn some more and to taste for myself the robusta coffee, which is less acidic, but with a greater caffeine punch! On top of the coffee of our choice we had an amazing strawberry cake! yummy!! More info: Jones Family Project

Pure Evil Gallery and Department Store – more details soon  brickmum Rivington Place Rivington Place is based in the RIBA award-winning building designed by David Adjaye and it’s open since 2007. It’s an free gallery, with exhibitions and events. In the building you will also find education space, cafe, bookshop and Stuart Hall Library. Till 7th of March you can find exhibition “When Harmony went to Hell” Congo Dialogues: Alice Seeley Harris and Sammy Baloji. More info: Rivington Place

C215 in the StolenSpace Gallery – more details soon  c215 Cult Mountain Our last stop! I have to say that I passed that place couple of times and I never went inside. After visiting now, I’m definitely will stop there more often! It’s a very cosy space, dedicated to support and promote new local artists, from art, music, photography to fashion. Plus great coffee and daily free events! More info: Cult Mountain


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