Halloween at London Canal Museum

There are always plenty of family friendly Halloween events to choose from in London. This year we went to London Canal Museum on a Halloween Boat Trip at Kings Cross. It’s a tiny museum, but definitely worth a visit.
The event happened on Sunday, which is not exactly on Halloween, but the Halloween spookines was in the air. In the museum there was face painting and some Halloween stories, but the most scary part was the boat trip through the Islington tunnel.
There were plenty of Halloween decorations such as ghosts and skeletons or bloody parts of bodies hanging from the ceiling. Our ride started great with a scary Witch wanted to eat every child on a board, however later they just let us sit at the front.
It’s a shame that no one continued with the Halloween stories as the atmosphere could be even better, but definitely I would recommend a night boat trip through this long tunnel.




Halloween Party

Welcome back, I had a busy time in the last two weeks, so no time for my blog.
I had a nice week off in Poland and now back at work. It’ so busy already at my school, but I’m really enjoying all the new ideas such as Little Big Math, a pond in the garden, Mini Me area and Box Clever (more info soon). So next seven weeks.. or six now.. will be very exciting.

I hope you all had a great Halloween Party. As the week before I had a Lego Birthday Party, we made Lego-Halloween.