Victoria and Albert Museum

My recent visit to Victoria and Albert Museum during half term was so much fun. Last time I visited the gallery was at the 80s fashion exhibition – Club to Catwalk, which was definitely great to see, unfortunately no photos were allowed.

This time we created cards for a game of Edenhall. We had to imagine that the Museum turns into a game at night and objects come to life as heroes or villains. We walked around the rooms to find characters for our cards as villains were trying to break a precious glass beaker – The Luck of Edenhall, which is based in one of the museum’s rooms.

Next we had an hour workshop creating our own computer game. Our main character was a cat, which was throwing giant cat treats on evil cats. You can actually create your own game for free – My Doodle Game

After lovely lunch in the cafe we had two hour workshop with an artist Gayle Chong Kwan creating our fantasy landscape from junk modelling and trying to use some 3d effects.

Last, but not least we looked closely at the installation created by Xu Bing “Travelling to the Wonderlana”, a landscape inspired by a classic Chinese tale – a lost fisherman discovers a land behind a mountain where people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature, unaware of the outside world! Ideal…

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