Forgotten post – Trip to Oxford


Looking through my blog I found one unpublished post. Happy day, full of joy and nice weather. It has been eight weeks now since this trip I feel like so much has changed since then.

Trip to Oxford was a nice surprise. My mum really wanted to visit Oxford, and previously I never really thought about this place much. Of course I knew about amazing colleges but seeing this in real is a great experience.
We took an Oxford Tube bus and we arrived in 1,5 hour. First stop coffee of course and then walk towards hmmm exactly towards where? As we were walking a nice lady approached us and invited to a free Oxford walk. Great, that was exactly what we needed, perfect as we were just after coffee and breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

And it started! I never had better guide, a young Oxford University student, full of passion for his city, he seemed to know every interesting moment in history and everything about impressive architecture. His British accent was making this two hour tour interesting for everyone, there was something for younger ones and the older ones. This was real Oxford guided walk.

It’s a city with a soul, full of stories of Drunken Oxford’s students, stories of famous and not so famous young students starting their career.
And the dinner was excellent too! Famous pie in a lovely old pub, great after a long and very informative Oxford walk.

Local parks are impressive, especially when the weather is nice or you can take a boat trip or visit the Botanic Gardens…


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