Lego Party

Lego Cake by brickmum

That was a party!!! My son just turned 10! Shocking, but true. With his great help we managed to make a Lego Themed party.

We had four stations:
– creative station for making your own Lego comic, making Lego name badge, Lego mask or creating own Lego Minifigure
– building station, where we had few games for creating a tallest tower, a car and other Lego creations
– game station, where we played Lego Bingo, Lego Creationary and Lego straw game
– food and drink station with lots of Lego food and a Lego Birthday cake
We had few games outside – Lego and spoon race and Lego Toss game – where children were throwing Lego pieces into different sizes rings to get some points.
We also had Lego decorations everywhere, Lego books displayed, Lego magazines in a bathroom, Lego soap (a piece of Lego inside a piece of soap) and lots of mini Lego prizes.

It was a lot of Lego everywhere!!


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