Early Years – Story Boxes

Story Box by brickmum


Story Box is a great idea for a setting and for families at home. It’s simple, easy, cheap and very creative. It is a miniature setting based on a story you like. You just need a shoe box and some crafts to make a background relating to a story of your choice.
They are great to support children’s exploration of stories as they can retell the story themselves or make up new stories using the characters.

This is my first story box based on a story called “Smiley Shark” by Ruth Galloway. I love this story, it is simple,  funny and the smiley shark saves the day! In this story box you can actually pull the strings with characters so they can move (swim). I also added some natural objects such as shells stones and shiny paper.

Smiley Shark

I can’t wait to make more story boxes!

Some tips:
– shoe box is ideal, but you can use different boxes too
– cut down two of the vertical edges to create a flap on one side to open up the box
– decide on your theme
– cover the inside of the box with materials, tissue paper or felt
– collect objects or photocopy characters from the story

Involve children in making story boxes! It is so much fun doing it together!



2 thoughts on “Early Years – Story Boxes

  1. Very impressive story box, i like the idea but also would find it difficult to do myself as i am sure it takes a bit of time. My son is only 2 and a half and doesn’t have the patience yet but when he;s older i’ll try to remember this idea. Good to find your blog, i was browsing for london blogs on the wordpress reader. happy new year. laura

    • Thank you, I use this box with children from three years old. It’s good to start from your son’s favourite story, as this will be the one he can retell himself. Good luck and Happy New Year.

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