Open House London – Lloyd’s building

Open House London

Great start to Open House London. My favourite weekend in a year. Just for two days you can visit places, which are normally closed to the public. I’m always late with my plans, but I found some interesting places, I was hoping for more, but I am still happy with my findings.

My first place was great and to my surprise queue went very quick and in 20 minutes time I was inside.
Lloyd’s building was always on my list of places in London to visit, however last year I was too late as was open to the public only on Saturday. This year as well.

Lloyd’s was first opened in 1986 and was designed by architect Lord Richard Rogers, but the history of Lloyd’s insurance company starts in 1688 – Edward’s Lloyd’s coffee shop.
Design of the building, the views, glass elevators, the bell, the old library and upstairs gallery are amazing. However I don’t think I could work in a place with 4000 colleagues in ‘The Room’.

More info:Ā Lloyd’s Buildings


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