Early Years – Cornflour Play

cornflour play by brickmum
I’m starting series of posts – what you can do with your child in a easy and affordable way.
My first post is about my favourite cornflour, some people call it gloop.
The things you need are very simple and is up to your imagination really, but you definitely need: CORNFLOUR and WATER.
This time I used metal objects and paper, to encourage children to make some pictures using cornflour.

More ideas:
– add food colouring to change colour
– add sand or couscous to make different textures
– use whiskers
– add strings, it’s really fun playing with strings and cornflour, you can also use paper and place string on the top covered with cornflour
– use a big tray or a bath and place your child inside with a nappy only, children loves to cover themselves in cornflour
– add different toys inside – such as cars, small people, animals, dinosaurs, whatever your child is interested in

Use your imagination but the best part is when you just use your hands, I can play for ages with the texture.

The best bit about cornflour play that it’s comes off very easily from clothes or hands, it’s not sticky, as you will use plain flour. Cornflour usually just dries and than you can just shake it off.
There are other benefits of cornflour play:
– children explore texture by themselves
– support development of fine motor skills
– support children’s knowledge and understanding about different consistency by adding more water or more cornflour to the mixture
– develop language
– it’s calming and soothing and provides relaxation

Cornflour Play by brickmum    Cornflour Play by brickmum

The pictures were taken on Stay and Play sessions we run on Saturdays.


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