Brighton Pier


Another Pier, this time in Brighton. To get to Brighton may not be expensive, as Southern Railway offers good deals, especially off – peak.
Smell of fish and chips is everywhere and Brighton Pier comparing to Southend Pier if full of people. Both got a long history, however Brighton Pier was quickly used for a commercial use. It was open in 1823 and went through a lot, once even was rebuild due to strong storm. Together with West Pier made The Royal Suspension Chain Pier. First theme park machines were there in 1905 and another entertainments on the pier are Casino, fortune tellers, kiosks selling souvenirs, confectionary and entertainment stalls with games and of course fish and chips. However don’t buy ice-cream or any snack on the pier – sea goals with definitely catch it, I’ve seen in myself! They’re not scared and they are very hungry!

The West Pier wasn’t that fortunate as now it’s only leftover construction due to fires and storms. However there are big plans to rebuild the pier. It is a long term aim as first Brighton is building a new tourist attraction i360, an observation tower on the beach. More details and photos here: Brighton i360. It looks very impressive!

Some street art in Brighton, including Banksy…

Brighton is great… but it’s a shame no sand on the beach, pebbles are great too, but sand would be perfect!



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