Southend Pier


Southend Pier is the world’s longest pier! It was opened in 1889 and its 1.341 miles long! The Pier survived a lot, such as two world wars, boat crashes, waves, fires and economic decline.

The walk on the pier is great on a sunny day, if is raining you can take an electric train! yes, train on a pier, that’s a great idea.

There is also a tiny museum, located inside the Pier’s entrance, where you can see photographs of the pier from previous years, restored Pier signal box and even old train carriages and old penny slot machine. However the museum is open until the end of September, so be quick to visit. In the same building there is also a Visitor Information Centre.

On the end of the pier there is The Royal Pavilion, opened in 2012 with variety of events and a cafe.
On the pier there is also the RNLI lifeboat station, gift shop and a deck to sit down.

Love it every time…

“The pier is Southend, Southend is the Pier” by Sir John Betjemen


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