Another Alo and Shoreditch



This Alo was found on Bethnal Green Road, near Brick Lane.

Alo – earlier work:

Walk through Shoreditch is always fun and you need your phone charged as there are many spots to take a picture.

It was worth to buy this ticket – Horse Meat Disco on the roof near Liverpool Street, then afterparty at Xoyo. This time Dimitri from Paris, James Hillard, Hannah Holland, dOp, Severino, Luke Howard and many more. Perfect weather and perfect venue choice.


on the roof
Horse Meat Disco

James Hillard was amazing on the roof of the Southplace Hotel, check him out on Soundcloud as his Disco inspired sets are amazing.

Next was Hannah Holland [@hannahholland], Londons finest female Dj and producer. She frequently plays around Shoreditch, dropping batty beats around East End.

Hannah Holland

Check her Soundcloud profile here:

One of the tracks she played on the rooftop. Have a look at the dresses – I love it (the purple one especially)!

And song of the night – SMILE:



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