Cable Car

Two different cities, two different skies and two different cable cars!

Cable Car London  Cable Car Barcelona

London’s Cable Car is really great fun, especially if you are planning to go to o2. Officially London’s Cable Car is known as ‘The Emirates Air Line’ and goes across the River Thames in East London. Journey time is only five minutes, however from 10am to 3pm the journey is ten minutes so that people can have more time to see the views. Each car can take up to ten people and you can also take on board a bicycle! The cost of cable car is affordable and if you are holding a valid Travelcard or Oyster you can get a 25% discount off the fares, check website for details: Transport for London. I love it everytime!

Barcelona’s Cable car is a completely different experience! It is based in iconic port and it is called Port Cable Car. The experience is breathtaking and scary! The journey starts with a lift ride to the top of the tower, where you can take great pictures of whole city clearly, there are toilets and place to buy a cold drink before a cable car journey, which is well needed. The journey is about ten minutes and the car goes from the port to the Montjuic mountains. It is unforgettable experience, your adrenaline will jump! Ticket costs eleven Euro one way, but definitely worth a journey!


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