Date with Van Gogh


Visiting Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was an amazing experience. The exhibition is situated on three floors from Van Gogh’s development as an artist and the way he worked, then drawings by Van Gogh and a lab-like environment where you can do your own research and make your own discoveries to the rest of the collection Vincent van Gogh at work.

It is extraordinary collection as they were all painted in the period of ten years. He produced about 800 paintings and more than 1000 drawings as well as a large number of watercolours, lithographs, and sketches in letters, from which we can learn a lot about his life.

As a painter, he was largely self-taught. With the help of textbooks, a few lessons at the art academies, visits to museums, and advice from artist friends he taught himself the craft. 
As the years went by, he developed his own, highly distinctive style of painting  using expressive brushstrokes and vivid colours. This style has since inspired and influenced many subsequent generations of artists. 

Museum offers children’s audio tours, free treasure hunt and various workshops every weekend. You can also organise a birthday party with Van Gogh.

On top of that museum offers Friday nights open till 10pm and there’s always something special going on. Every Friday night, lounge chairs, video projections, live music, DJs, and a bar transform the museum central hall into a relaxed place to meet. Isn’t this great? Come one Tate Britain what about Joseph Turner late nights? Sounds good?

The ticket is pricey  as it costs €15, but definitely a must visit place. Amsterdam offers also 3D exhibition for another €14 called ‘My dream Exhibition’, it has copies of Van Gogh paintings, however some of his work you can watch in 3D and it is really impressing as you can see that his paintings are alive and he is a an amazing artist!


One thought on “Date with Van Gogh

  1. I also visited the Van Gogh Museum recently, and yes it was absolutely breathtaking to see the huge collection! 🙂

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