Morning coffee

I like taking my friends to the places I love, especially if they haven’t seen them yet! I needed to start my trip day with a coffee, so my happy face quickly arrived.
Every time I visit Southbank without checking out what will happen on that day I have a nice surprise and a great time of course. The weather was perfect and I got my first bit of tan.
So my walk started from St Pauls, through Millenium Bridge and a quick stop at Tate, just to catch some positive energy I need for the coming days.

Every time Picasso brings a great smile on my face and this time there was another painting, which I don’t remember seeing before but I was looking at it for quite a while.

Hip Hop Hoorah

Karel Appel ‘Hip, Hop, Hoorah!’ – What is great that Appel often took inspiration from children’s drawings, believing that ‘the child in man is all that’s strongest, most receptive, most open and unpredictable’.
I think that his work is a great idea to teach children about colours! Amazing work:

Soooo Southbank, have a look for yourself:

More information what is happening there daily: Southbank Centre

As part of Festival of Neighbourhood you can find at Southbank The Queen’s Walk Window Gardens, created from reclaimed windows and it encourages people to grow plant in window boxes. Plenty of workshops and information about plants.
More details: Queen’s Walk Window Gardens

I want more sunny days!



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