Festivals and The Vintage Kilo Sale

Judy's Stamp

Summer is round the corner and festival clothes are well needed. I went to The Vintage Kilo Sale organised by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fairs to find some pieces.

It wasn’t as big as last time, however I arrived on the end of the second day. I thought I will not find many things, however I couldn’t resist… .

I haven’t been in Dalston for ages and I know I need to visit again, especially on a Saturday as on the way you can find some good Charity Shops or Beyond Retro with a cafe. I also saw a street fair and red arrows on the sky.

Red Arrows

I was planning to go back to Dalston after the fair, however my bags were too heavy so I went straight home.

There are so many festivals to choose from: Wireless, Lovebox, Isle of Wight, Itunes, Latitude, British Summer Time, T in the Park, Open East …  or street parties and roof parties. Can’t wait, just hopefully the sun will be shining to enjoy them.

Some clothes I found:

Another VIntage Kilo Sale will be in the York Hall at Bethnal Green.

The Vintage Kilo Sale

The Vintage Kilo Sale


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