My 50th Post and The Vintage Furniture Flea

The Vintage Furniture Flea

Wow post number 50! Thank you everyone for visiting my blog.
It’s been a great journey and I have enjoyed writing each and every post.

Yesterday it was another great vintage market from Judy’s Vintage Fair at York Hall – The Vintage Furniture Flea. There were such a lot of treasures from all range of furniture, lamps, telephones, mirrors, clocks to small house decorations like posters, glass, frames, signs, suitcases, boardgames or tins and many more. I was looking forward to getting something, however instead of furniture I bought two pair of vintage trousers – I think I am a clothes addict or maybe I just born in the wrong era.

And what is more on the fairs like that you can spot well known people
– this time Florence Welch!

Florence Welch Photo by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

My pictures from the Flea:



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