Holloway Road


Today was hopefully my final day at University. Great feeling and still a bit surreal that its over.

After handing my work I needed to relax and had a nice coffee and went to visit some lovely Vintage shops on Holloway Road.
I have to say that over last few years the street has changed a lot and more coffee shops, cafes and other places started to change the street.

Not mentioning the Arsenal Stadium, cinemas, Saturday’s Grafton School Market and the interesting and ugly architecture of some buildings.

Interesting fact is that Holloway Road Underground Station on the Piccadilly Line supposed to have the world’s first spiral escalators. Imagine that. However, the construction was abandoned, but some sections are still there.

What a nice coffee and smell of wood around. Great customer service too.

Shop without a name, but very good prices and plenty of choices.

Ooh-la-la! – the name of the shop described it all!

and of course something for big Vintage fans – Vivien of Holloway:
AAAAAAA – too many dresses!!! which one to choose? 1940’s, 1950’s, Day Dress, Pencil Dress … AAAAAA


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