London Eye


Strolling around London and visiting London’s landmarks is always great fun.

London Eye is definitely worth a go on a sunny weather or at night.

Last Sunday was perfect.. View on the Marathon.. Lovely sky..
However when I got there the Marathon was over, but I had an opportunity to see London at sunset and there was no queue!

The highest point at London Eye is 135 meters above ground and on a clear day you can see for 40km from the highest point as far as Windsor Castle! The views are spectacular.

There are 32 capsules and one is red.
It took seven years to build London Eye and then a week to lift it up.

London Eye was opened in March 2000 and was conceived by David Marks and Julia Barfield on their kitchen table.

Good deal to buy package tickets, for example with the newly opened London Dungeon.
Great fun, even for adults. Much cheeper if you book your tickets online.
Also free with every ticket –  4D Experience, a 3D movie about London Eye with special effects. Beware – you can get wet!

The journey on a wheel takes about half an hour and a lot can happen in one rotation, for example surprised engagement, which I witnessed.
Congratulations again to the couple on the wheel!

Some amazing music for you:


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