Regent’s Canal


I love living by the canal, because as soon as sun comes out it’s a perfect place for a walk, bike or just sit down on plenty of green open spaces and feel the sun for example on the grass by the Palm Tree pub. In the summer there are variety of events and music around.

You can easily go from Limehouse to Mile End, Victoria Park, Broadway Market, Angel and Camden… and many more places and spot some animals such as swans, herons, coots and even tortoises or a polar bear! Really a good way to commute for cyclists.

Regent’s Canal has been in use for nearly 200 years and these days canal is used as tourist attraction, place to live or kayaking. If you live in London you have to try the narrowboat or kayaking, which to my surprise it’s not very expensive.
For children there is an option to have a birthday party on the narrowboat and blow the candles under the dark tunnel. Cool experience.

London has the Canal Museum near King’s Cross station. Worth to visit to learn about canal’s history and have some ice-cream. More details: London Canal Museum

It is great and affordable to join one of the organised walks by the canal. Informative, calming, restorative, re-creational (yes, the hyphen is intentional), good for the blood pressure – and the soul! More details: London Walks


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