Happy Easter

Happy Easter from brickmum

Long weekend everyone!
Time to relax, eat and spend some time with family…

In my tradition, the blessing of the Easter basket is essential. On your Easter table you shoud have coloured eggs, sausages, ham, paschal lamb (from butter or sugar), horseradish, bread, salt, pepper, pate, soup called white borscht with white sausages, eggs and potatoes…  and lots of different cakes of course!
Easter Monday is called  Śmigus-dyngus, meaning Wet Monday and tradition is to pour water on each other. Not sure about this year, as there is still lots of snow in Poland.

This is my basket from last year:

This year instead of cooking and painting eggs I decided to coloured my hair and have some fun!
For the first time I will have an opportunity to crack the Easter party in London, with a great dj Dimitri from Paris.
This is not happening very often as I have two more months to finish my study!
Hope the sun will be hear this Sunday and we can see some more of Spring flowers (I found this ones today in my local park):




If you don’t have many plans, London offers great places to visit:   Easter in London

Enjoy all the chocolate!!!


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