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Today  a 2.5 year old boy in my care said to me “I have my own hi-pad now”, later on I found that “one in ten children under four use a tablet” and “six out of ten parents have experienced sulks, tears and tantrums when children were told to put away their gadgets” (Nursery World). 
You can’t stop children using the technology, but use it in a smart and sensible way.
There is plenty of great apps for young children, but remember “For the sake of creativity perhaps we need to slow down and stay offline from time to time” (BBC News).

However the technology can be used in other helpful way, for example paperwork in early years settings. I just discovered great apps, which may help practitioners with observations, assessment and planning. The aim is “to enable practitioners to observe, make notes, take photograps, or make a short video, tag them together and file them electronically in child’s learning journey, thus doing away with scribbled scraps of notes and saving on prnting, cutting and sticking of photographs”  (Nursery World).

How many times we have been introduced to new paperwork, how many times we wanted to update children’s learning journey, but there was no time or we couldn’t find the picture on the computer or there was no ink to print it out !

Have a look, it is a time and paper saving resource!! It’s secure and a great tool to develop stronger partnership with working families. Parents with their own passwords can log on and look at their child’s records and add themselves informations from home!

Very easily you can also include children in this way of assessment as they know the ‘hi-pads’ very well.

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3 thoughts on “Hi-pad

  1. I got an ipad for my 21st birthday, I’m still in awe of the fact that kids under 4 have them! But I’ll be looking up those resources, my other half works with early years and might find them useful (although I fear by introducing them I’ll never see the ipad again, between the temptation of those and flowers v zombies haha!)

    • Thank you for your comment. I am sure that in few years all early years settings/schools will be using similar apps and ipads etc. It is a future, we can’t stop it!

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