Brick Lane – Vintage and Coffee Shops


Brick Lane is famous for many reasons – curry houses, bagels, Brick Lane Market, street art, scenes of Jack the Ripper’s murders…
It is very busy street on Sundays, however it is a great street at any time of the week. I love Brick Lane because of great coffee shops, vintage shops and chic boutiques. On Brick Lane you can also find art galleries, clubs and pubs with a great mix of music and nice places to relax after work. There is always something going on!

Brick Lane got it’s name from the fact that many years ago this street was used to transport bricks from the nearby brick works (in 1550). Many refugees lived in the area: Irish, Jews and Bangladeshi’s, which build on the great history of Brick lane.

My two favourite stops are Beyond Retro

and  Blitz London 

Follow the shops on Instagram to look for inspiration –


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