Be creative from early age

Art with young children

Today I have seen children in the nursery, who just received a toy iron and ironing board to play with. What an excitement and great fun to use an iron.
The positive extension of the iron could be added pictures of famous paintings of people ironing – men and women.
You can also encourage parents to take photos of themselves ironing at home and bring/email them to the nursery.

Introducing children to art from early years give them possibility to create and be creative.
It is also a good opportunity to encourage curiosity through conversation between adults and children, when they are waiting for their turn to play with an iron.

Examples of open – ended questions:
– What are these women/men doing?
– How are they dressed?
– Why did the artist paint them?
– Why aren’t they looking at us?
– How fast did the artist paint them?

You can leave some clipboards around and dry pastels in a basket
to encourage children to draw.


oil pastels
Children have the curiosity and confidence to try new things.
Children who are encourage to be creative approach things in novel ways.
It is not what they do, it is the way that they do it.


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