The Vintage Kilo Sale

The Vintage Kilo Sale finally arrived in London in 2013!

This Vintage Sale is a great opportunity to fill the wardrobe for very affordable price. The clothes are charge by weight, per kilo (sounds familiar?). You need to plan to spend there minimum one hour. If you have a good eye – you are lucky as there is plenty to choose from. You can dress yourself from top to bottom, hats to trousers and add some jewellery and accessories. You can find clothing from 1960’s to 1990’s. This time it’s on Saturday and Sunday, clothes are rotated and best prices on the end of Sunday.

My treasures:

Thank you Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair for the free entry! I loved it!

Date for your diary – London Vintage Kilo Sale – Saturday only – 13th of April!
at Hakney Downs Studio, Amhust Terrace, E8 2BT (15 minutes walk from Hackney or Dalston).

London Vintage Kilo Sale


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