London by night

St Paul’s Station

St Paul Station It’s a must stop for tourists in London by day and night. You can visit many different places and spend almost all day in the area. If you arrive early – first after getting off the station cross the street and walk towards London Museum on St Martin’s Le-Grand. You will have to take escalators to go up to the museum.

If you check online what they got on that day you can find activities for children or you can just visit the museum and have a good time. The Museum tells the story of the city from the first inhabitants 450,000 years ago right up to the present times. It has a great collections of variety of objects and really nice Victorian gallery. You can even see a piece of London Wall at Noble Street, a wall build by the Romans, which protected the city.

Museum of London It is worth to see. After a nice lunch and coffee at the museum walk back towards St Paul station however if you walk on the side of the Costa cafe you will see a small gate to a Secret London place – Postman’s Park. This place is famous for its Heroes’ Wall, people who died because of acts of bravery, usually involving rescuing children from burning buildings at the end of the 19th century. It’s really magical place with little pond and goldfish. The Park has its name after workers from the nearby old General Post Office, which was situated locally, spent their lunchtimes there, although the Post Office has long since gone, now city workers sit in the grounds amongst the flowers and greenery to eat their lunch.

Than walk back toward the station. You have two options. You can stop for shopping in a St Paul’s shopping centre – One New Change, had a nice meal at the top or go and visit St Paul’s inside. If you are planning the shopping you must go on the roof terrace to see this view:

The Roof Terrace

This version of St Paul’s Cathedral was build after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Inside the famous dome, you can climb up a spiral staircase to reach the whispering gallery. Its perfectly round shape means you can actually hear someone whispering over on the other side of the room. The Golden Gallery has a 360 degree view across London! There are also graves of famous people – Horatio Nelson, Florence Nightingale and many more.

Then walk towards Millenium Bridge. On the left you will see a straw roofed building- Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and on the right Tate Modern.
If you have time you must see Tate Modern inside, on Fridays and Saturdays is open till 10pm. It holds fantastic collection of international modern art, exhibitions, free daily guided tours, interactive activities and many more attractions across six floors. Great views on St Paul’s from the top. Check the website what is on:


Have a look at Millenium Bridge and St Paul’s lights at night!

The view of London is fantastic from Millenium Bridge. On one side you can see Tower Bridge, the Shard and on the other London Eye and many more great London’s buildings. If you’re in a deep love you can also leave a love padlock.

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