Mr Picasso

Time for Mr Picasso.
I remembered his paintings since I was a little girl and I never thought I will be able to see his work in real. Picasso is well known everywhere and perhaps people know all about him.

He once said: “If I don’t have any blue, I use red instead”, that is why I love when children drawing green elephants or red lions, it is all about imagination, not directions!

Picasso was inspired by many great artists and he interpreted their paintings in his own way.

Taking children to the galleries from a young age is very inspiring, fun and learning experience to ask children to draw what they see, it’s not about copying, but understanding artists paintings by reworking, changing and twisting them.

Examples from Picasso:

Picasso, Las Meninas Las Meninas
Pablo Picasso, Las Meninas (1957)  /   Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas (1657)

Diego Velazquez, Princess Margarita (1656) / Pablo Picasso, Princess Margarita (1957)

Picasso, The Matador Manet, A Matador
Pablo Picasso, The Matador (1970) /Edouard Manet, A Matador (1866-67)

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 13.42.20 Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 13.41.54

Vincent Van Gogh, Self- Potrait with Felt Hat (1888) / Pablo Picasso, Man with Straw Hat and Ice Cream Cone (1938)

Lucas Cranach, Portrait of a Woman Picasso, Portrait of a Young Girl

Lucas Cranach the Younger, Portrait of a Woman (1564) / Pablo Picasso, Portrait of a Young Girl (1958)


Henri Matisse, Nasturtiums with Dance II (1912), Pablo Picasso, The Three Dancers (1925)

Pablo Picasso, Lee Miller Lee Miller

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Lee Miller a l’Arlesienne (1937) /  Photograph of Lee Miller

Child’s inspiration: 

Pablo Picasso, Weeping Woman  by builder kid

Pablo Picasso, The Weeping Woman (1937) / Kacper (Builder kid), The Weeping Woman (2011)

by builder kid Picasso, The Three Dancers

Kacper (Builder kid), The Dancer of the Rainbow (2011),  Pablo Picasso, The Three Dancers (1925)

You can always find some of his work in Tate, such as:

My biggest dream is to vist MoMA and see for myself Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1881–1973)

Cartoon by Emmwood


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