The East End

The East End is a great place to have a walk. There are lots of choices of what type of walk you want to take.
The East End is one of the most fascinating, dynamic and visually arresting urban areas in the world.

You can choose a market walk: Old Spitalfields Market, Columbia Flower Market, Brick Lane Market or Petticoat Lane Market.
However if you don’t want to shop you can choose some historic walks such as through Whitechapel or Mile End.
You can also have a great walk by the canal from Limehouse to Victoria Park. Or street art walks through Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

Some facts about the area:

Mile End – It takes its name from the first milestone outside London’s Aldgate, which was positioned close to where Mile End Road meets Stepney Green. The first ‘Doodlebug’ (VI Flying Bomb) to fall on London came down on the railway bridge over Grove Road. Till today the road is a bit bumpy and you can find a blue plaque on the bridge, which marks the spot. On Mile End Road there is a statue of William Booth, who set up a ‘Food for the Million’ soup kitchens. You can find there also some of handsome buildings of the East End such as the Trinity Almshouses; The oldest Jewish Cementery in Britain, short street of idyllic little cottages and Queen Mary University. I also need to mention the Mile End Park with green bridge, which is the most visible symbol of the incredibly rapid change area.  

WhitechapelIt is named after the 13th-century church of St mary Matfelon, built out of white stones. The church was badly damaged by bombing in the Blitz and demolished in 1952. At Whitechapel (previously the poorest area of London) you can find Whitechapel Bell Foundry – the oldest manufacturing place where  famous bells such as Big Ben and America’s Liberty Bell were made.
Royal London Hospital with new buildings; East London Mosque and  Whitechapel Art Gallery which was recently refurbished – hosts a great small scale exhibitions and offers many art activities for children. I will never forget seeing Guernica by Pablo Picasso. Fantastic!! At Whitechapel there is plenty of tours about Jack the Ripper that cover his crimes on Whitechapel streets in 1888.

Bethnal Green – Just few minutes from the station there is a Museum of Childhood. You can go back in time and see your favoutires toys from your childhood. Lots of fun for families with young children.
Stairs to Heaven are being build to memory of people who died in Blitz at the Bethnal Green station in 1943.
In the area also lots of good pubs such as “The palm tree” and small green spaces. 


Limehouse – Once, large amounts of coal and steel travelled this way by barge, the horses straining along the towpath, resting only at the locks while the gates were opened and closed. This is now a great path for cycling or walking. There is a Ragged School Museum, worth to see, which takes you back into Victorian Life of poor children from East End. You can try for yourself to sit in one of the classrooms and meet scary Victorian teachers. Walk by the canal can be very interesting for nature lovers as there are many animals such as herons, swans, fish and even turtles! This walk will take you to Victoria Park or you can walk further to see more great areas of East End. 


Victoria Park was recently crowned as nation’s favourite park!!!! Every summer there is plenty of good music festivals such as Love Box or Field Day. Great skatepark, two amazing playgrounds for children any age and you can even have a boat ride in the lake! Perfect for running lovers or BBQ in the summer. Also good view on Olympic Park. 

Victoria Park

The East End is part of London and part of me.

Coming soon – more East End.


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