More – Heuristic Play

At heuristic play children are developing their learning from picking up objects and wondering: “What can I do with it?”. 

The learning depends on the objects you provide, so watch your child and observe what repeated actions she/he is doing.

Does she/he:

– putting objects in containers such as tins, boxes, tubes
– emptying objects out of containers (as above)
– rolling objects
– lining up objects
– shaking or banging objects
– throwing or dropping objects
– looking inside or through objects
– piling objects into towers and knocking them down
– making collections of similar object
– transporting objects in containers or bags ?

Let your child explore on its own, do not disturb, as heuristic play demands concentration and focus, which social interaction would interrupt.
It’s good to turn off the phone, music, tv and  put other toys away.
Heuristic play offer open-ended resources and you would not believe what children can do with them.

Here is a video I found with example how the session may look like:

More examples of objects you can use at the heuristic play:

Remember to encourage your child in putting object away on the end of the play. It is important part of the heuristic play session and good opportunity to communicate with your child. Give clear instruction to demonstrate what is expected and where the object belong.

Have fun collecting the objects!


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