Inside or Outside?

Weather is changing and winter is coming! Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, but when I traveled by tube I have seen so many people in winter coats, boots, scarfs and even winter gloves!
It is the same in the nursery, children arriving in winter clothes and some parents having second thoughts on if their children should be playing outside or with water when is cold. When it’s raining not everyone wants to stay with children in the garden,  they may say: “We would go outside more if the weather was better”. However this is an adult opinion, children do not think that rain is a ‘bad weather’.

Marjorie Ouvry in her book “Exercising muscles and minds” said:
When encouraged to enjoy all sorts of weather, most children love the experience of the elements and can be highly motivated into asking questions and furthering their lines of enquiry. The weather – well this is one of our most valuable resources. Sun, rain, snow, mist, wind … all provide experiences which can increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the word in which they live”. 

Here are some examples of what you can do with children if it’s raining outside:
– go for a rainy walk with an umbrella and wellington boots and discover the puddles
– go outside to look for snails and worms, which always come out in the rainy weather, take some magnifying glasses and a camera
– listen to the rhythm of rain and it can help encourage you to tell a story or sing a song

Parents sometimes ask me to keep their child inside, because he/she might catch a cold. But a cold is a virus, it is not caused by exposure to cold air, dampness or being outside. Colds are more common in winter as children spend more time indoors and germs spreads more easily in the cosy, warm environment. Remember about suitable clothing whatever the weather and go outside!!


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