“Too safe for their own good?”

It’s rainy day, I can’t even see Canary Wharf today. But great day to explore outdoors with your child.

Today I want to make another link to Treasure Baskets. How many times it happens that adult takes an object from a child and says “Don’t play with it, it’s not a toy”. But if the object interests the child, and it is safe, why can’t they hold it and examine it?

That is why Jenny Lindon in her book “Too safe for their own good? Helping children learn about risk and lifeskills” makes this point and helped me  realize that we have to stop creating risk-free environment.

Children learn about safety from birth and we need to help them to judge situations for themselves in caring environment.Do not think that some of the objects in Treasure basket are not suitable, because they may be dirty, dangerous, or babies could harm themselves. If you are very careful about maintaing and replacing objects, there should be no problem. For example, you may think that keys or shells may scratch baby mouth, however babies are extremely cautious when exploring particularly new objects. Just sit down and watch your baby how he/she explored each object. Check if the object it’s not too small or broken. Do not be afraid of objects with long handles such as spoons, whisks or brushes. You are watching your baby and if you are showing fears about objects, this can be picked up by your baby and have a negative effect on the quality of play. Start your collection today! Change your basket regularly, be creative. Here are some examples:

Shiny Treasure Basket     

or Wooden one.

Other examples:
– light and colour
– a sense of smell
– a sound of music
– the sound of metal
– the touch basket
– the bathroom basket
– the kitchen basket
– light and heavy
– all sorts of shapes
– the brush basket
– rolling along

From next week I am starting to create my own ones. Can’t wait to take my pictures.


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