Why BrickMum?

The name BrickMum comes from my Love to Brick Lane and to bricks – Lego! I am also a mum to a lovely 9 year old kid!

Today something about Brick Lane and Spitalfields. Here are some of my favourite spots.

Spitalfields (Entrance from Liverpool Street). If u turn right just after Pizza Express (nice pizza place), you will find entrance to Spitalfields Market. First you will see  coffee places, then if the weather is nice – sit down and then follow towards shops and boutiques.

  Next, places to eat. On Saturday and Sundays there is a great Market, where you can find lots of good stuff. Once a month there is a famous Judy’s Vintage Market.

Next, place to have a nice drink.The Ten Bells.

and shopping again. If you haven’t eaten at Spitalfield Market you can stop just after this pub on the picture and have a famous Fish and Chips serve in newspapers.

Next, place with good Italian food and great street art. Best to visit on Sunday, because of Sunday Up Market. Lots of Vintage but not only!

  Great place to spend your day. Good music, nice food (even Polish sausages), great shops, Rough Trade East, Big Chill, American Apparel…

  Backyard Market. Great on Saturday, very busy on Sunday! You must drink a tea or coffee inside. Great vintage place with vintage music.

   Vibe Bar, 93 Feet East or All Star Lanes. Good music, again good food or maybe American bowling first?

  You must visit Rockit and Laden Showroom!. Good clothes and opposite you will find unique jewelry, nice book shop, and baby clothes Oh! Baby and more.

 On Sunday this part of Brick Lane is very busy. I will write amore about this part soon, as there is lots of good live music, food, people, bikes!

Ok, so that’s MY STOP. My favourite coffee place in London. Place, which inspires me.
Every Saturday for me, sometimes Sundays or lunch breaks. My Brick Lane walk usulally starts from this place, however today we started from Spitalfields.
Next to Brick Lane Coffee you will find the famous Brick Lane beigels. Don’t worry, they are open for 24 hours. You can always have one, but in the morning they have beigels with poppy seeds. Nice!

Than of course you will find more clothes, more nice food, drink or more vintage! The best on Sundays with additional stalls of vintage stuff.

End or Start? You decide?


2 thoughts on “Why BrickMum?

    • Hello,
      Just when you turn to Spitalfields, there is a friendly mini car Illy’s with nice Italian coffee. Opposite the street there is Starbucks, witch is a bit different to others around, it’s worth to visit if it’s raining. Just on the corner there is another nice coffee place Patiserrie Valerie with good ice cream or cake. Enjoy.

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