Treasure Basket – objects

What object can go into the treasure basket?

You just need to remember one rule: no plastic objects !

You need to start to collect as many objects as possible of different colours, texture, taste, weight and temperature. The idea is to offer maximum stimulation to the baby’s senses.

Suggested items:

Wooden objects – spoons, door wedge, curtain ring, egg cup, corks, rolling pin, blocks, pegs etc

Metal objects – scoop, small bowls, jar lids, whisk, sieve, bunch of keys, bottle brush etc

Natural objects – shells, pine cones, hard fruits, large pebbles, feathers etc

Variety of textiles, brushes, paper and cardboard, glass, mirror. 

It is good to collect more than one of each object and you should try to have a full basket.

Here is the Treasure Basket my friend begin to create for her baby:

Last thing to remember: The more variety in the treasure basket the more motivating and richer the play experience will be for the baby!


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