Treasure Basket

My first post need to be about Treasure Baskets 🙂

Do you remember what was your favourite object to play with when you were young? Maybe a spoon and pan or dad’s car keys? There were no toys for young children such as now and children from young age learned about texture and creativity much easier.

Nowadays you can find many types of toys, for example Iphone- rattle case for a baby! Do they really need that?

When I first heard about treasure basket, I thought ok, another toy for 5 minutes play. However since observing babies playing with vaiety of baskets for long period of time I changed my mind.

“People under Three” by Goldschmied and Jackson it is a first book which proposed a treasure basket as a new approach of working with young children.

“Babies who can sit independtly but not yet move need a variety of different objects to engage their interest and stimulate their developing senses and understanding. Two key points are emphasized:
– the object should be made of natural materials, not plastic
– the adult’s role is to provide security by her attentive, but not active, presence.”

If you wnat to know how to create one, read my next post.

If you are looking for a unique present for your friend’s new baby, make a Treasure Basket!!


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